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Look good, feel good, do good is our motto and we strongly believe in giving back. We love animals and children, so we decided that 10% of Vindyco profits will fund diverse charitable organizations that serve and protect the most vulnerable members of society: animals and children. 

Every 6 months we choose a new organization to donate to and currently will be donating to a local dog rescue in HK. We've volunteered with them in the past and it was a heartbreaking but rewarding experience. There were over 60 dogs needing a home and for most of them the 5 minute walks we gave them was the only time they had outside of a crate for the day. Since Asia isn't the most dog friendly place compared to other countries like the US/Europe lots of stray pups that will never get the love and care they deserve.

Check back soon to see who will be donating to next or if you have any suggestions please drop us a line and share. Also here's a list of some orgs we've donated to in the past:

"I know that there is nothing better for people to be happy and to do good while they live."

Ecclesiastes 3:12

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